Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask

Every once in awhile, I go through these phases where I want to cleanse my body of all toxins and start fresh.  I had previously been using another dead sea mud mask, but Adovia offered to send me theirs in exchange for my honest review and I couldn't say no!

The first thing I noticed when receiving this product is that it is in a squeezable tube.  The prior product I had been using was in a tub, and you had to scoop it out with your hand - I really don't like doing this, because I feel I am contaminating the remaining product in the tub each time I put my hand in it.  Squeezing the product out was a MUCH better option!  Also, this stuff is super thick.  Even the thinnest coat over my skin was nearly black - and a little product went a LONG way.

Enjoying Spa Night w/ the little one!
The product itself had a pleasant scent.  Once on the skin, it gave off a slight tingly, cooling feeling - I really liked being able to actually feel it 'working'.  It actually dried quite quickly - by the time I had finished applying it to my entire face, there were parts that were already dried.  When it came time, it washed off with warm water easily, leaving my skin underneath feeling soft and nourished.

It's official - this is my new favorite dead sea mud mask!  I love how thick it is and how well it covers every little bit of my skin.  What's even better is Adovia offers a 100% money back guarantee.  If you have any issues with the product what-so-ever, just let them know and they will send you complete refund!

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