Sunday, January 18, 2015

Poppy Austin Eye Cream Review

About a month ago, Poppy Austin offered to send me their Eye Cream with green tea & vitamin C to try out. This moisturizer is very non-greasy and absorbed instantly into my skin. It was more light-weight than a lot of moisturizers that I've used in the past, and had a light, pleasant scent.

If you're a mommy, you probably get 10+ hours of sleep every night just like I do, but this product is fantastic for those "rare" nights where you may have not gotten quite enough. It does an excellent job at reducing swelling under the eyes and making those dark circles less noticeable!  I love the fact that even though it's an "eye cream", it can be used on your entire face.  This is actually my current go-to moisturizer!

You can either purchase this eye cream via Amazon or straight off of Poppy Austin's website.  Also, their Facebook page offers inspiring quotes and quirky antidotes now and then :)

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