Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July Review Round-Up! Flash Temporary Tattoos, All Natural Mosquito Repellent, and more!

Eco Defense Mosquito Repellent Bracelet
I spent the previous week at Girl Scout Camp and couldn't wait to give these mosquito repellent braclets that Eco Defense sent me a try.  I used the bracelets on my campers who's bug spray just wasn't doing the job. These are fantastic! They have such a pleasant aroma to them - very similar to citronella, and the girls loved wearing them. I was surprised at how well they stayed secured, and definitely noticed an increase in bugs biting me when I didn't have mine on! I especially loved the peace of mind knowing they were all natural vs. the horrible aerosol cans that the rest of the girls were using.

Flash Temporary Metallic Tattoos
I had also wanted to give these metallic temporary tattoos a try at camp with the girls, but unfortunately ran out of time.  Instead, we had fun trying them out at home, and love them! I just love the metallic finish to these tattoos - they are gorgeous once applied to the skin! Not to mention, they also come off of the paper backing so easily after just 15-20 seconds, unlike many other temporary tattoos that come off in pieces. My only complaint is that the one tattoo I was most excited for isn't printed as a mirror image - which is bizarre, because all of the other ones that include words are. Therefore, once it's applied, it's backwards and hard to read (see photo).

Regardless, these tattoos are excellent - there's definitely something for everyone in this huge pack!

50 Plant Panda Pots
Lastly, Panda Pots sent me 50 plant pots - which was perfect because we recently started sprouting the pits from our avocados, and these pots work perfectly as a container to transplant the pits once the root emerges. The pots are flexible, yet very durable. My kids just love helping out with these, since they are the perfect size - and you get so many in the pack, I don't mind them going around planting other random seeds that they find!

Andre Lorent Cellulite Cream
The first time I tried to apply this "Crazy Beautiful" Cellulite Creme, I was a little irritated because of how difficult it was to rub into my skin.  I remembered, however, that with most other cellulite creams, you are really supposed to massage it into your skin well - and the fact that this product doesn't absorb well into my skin just means I have to massage it even more!  I truly believe that one of the reasons this cream works so well is because it forces you to give your legs (or wherever else you might be using it) a deep tissue massage, which in turn increases the blood circulation in those areas.  Not only do I notice that my legs immediately feel more moisturized and soft, but I am also seeing the long term effects of using this product!

NO2 Nitric Oxide Preworkout Supplement
I've only used one pre-workout supplement in the past, so this review is specifically based off of my experiences with GreenForce's supplement and the similarities and differences with the other one that I've used.  While trying out this supplement, I took it before leaving for the gym and was surprised when I could feel it kicking in while I was still driving (within 10 minutes of taking it).  It definitely kicks in fast, however I also feel that it wears off quite quickly - about 20 minutes into my workout, I was already feeling drained.  The overall strength and energy boost that I get from this product is quite a bit more than I've experienced in the past, though.  I actually cut down to only taking 1 tablet at a time and I much prefer that experience than with the recommended 2.

I received all of these products at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review, but would feel the same about them if I had paid full price!