Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Shine Teeth Whitening Zero Peroxide System

I had just gotten done with finishing a testing period for another teeth whitening brand, when I was approached by Smile Whitening to try their teeth whitening kit in exchange for my honest opinion. 

I loved the fact that Shine Whitening sent thermoform trays with the product so that I would have a customized tray to hold the gel that fit my teeth perfectly! The instructions to form the trays were simple and worked perfectly the first time.  I also loved that this is a ZERO PEROXIDE formula!  You don't have to worry about it irritating your gums - or even worse - bleaching your gums white.  I loved the addition of the LED light - I am not sure if it made much difference, but I like to believe it does!

Before & After - 1 Use of Shine Teeth Whitening System
In the end, I compared my before and after photos and I definitely noticed the slightest whitening of my teeth - after a few treatments spaced out over a two week period, there was even more whitening, but my teeth still really lacked the pearly whiteness that the whitening gel that I get from my peroxide formula that my dentist gives me. It's a tough decision - I want instant results, but I know they aren't as healthy for me.  If you do purchase this product, don't expect miracles! I will definitely continue using the Shine Whitening product that I received - but I think I will alternate between Shine Whitening & my dentists to get the most benefit from each!

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