Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dr Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

When someone is approached by Dr Song to receive their professional teeth whitening kit, who would say no?!  I already had whitening trays and gel from my dentist, but I'd love a secondary product to use in between dentist vists when I run out of gel.  I was also really excited to see that it came with an LED light.  I've seen other products that use the LED to speed up the whitening process, but have never had the opportunity to try one out personally.

I also loved the fact that Dr Song sent thermoform trays with the product so that I would have a customized tray to hold the gel that fit my teeth perfectly!  The instructions to form the trays were simple and worked perfectly the first time.  After allowing the trays to cool completely, I then attempted my first whitening treatment.  This product was a little different, in that you actually paint the gel onto the fronts of your teeth with the enclosed tiny paintbrush.  I really believe this reduces the amount of product that gets wasted each treatment vs just squirting it all in the tray and getting most of it behind your teeth (and irritating your gums!)

I attempted to use the LED light, but found it ridiculously uncomfortable.  I ended up sharing half of the product I received with my friend who was looking for a new whitening treatment product, and explained to her how hard of a time I was having with the LED.  She then saw my trays and asked why I didn't cut off the little tab that you use while forming the tray.  Oops :)  That'd explain why the LED light just refused to fit into my mouth!

I've seen other reviewers mention that the gel whitened their gums or increased sensitivity, but I didn't notice either of these.  Also, other users have complained about rabidly foaming at the mouth - as long as you take the time to read the instructions and properly paint the gel on your teeth rather than just squirting gobs of the product all over, you really shouldn't have any problems.

Before & After - 1 Use of Dr. Song's At-Home Kit
In the end, I compared my before and after photos and I definitely noticed the slightest whitening of my teeth - after a few treatments spaced out over a two week period, there was even more whitening, but my teeth still really lacked the pearly whiteness that the whitening gel that I get from my dentist gives me.  If you do purchase this product, don't expect miracles!  I will definitely continue using the Dr Song product that I received - but I think I will alternate between Dr Song & my dentists to get the most benefit from each!

After using my dentist's at-home whitener - so much whiter!
The icing on the cake?  Dr Song also sent me their remineralization gel!  I cringe every time I whiten my teeth, because I know I am slowly stripping layer after layer of enamel off of my teeth - so this remineralization gel is fantastic.  Although it doesn't replace the enamel on your teeth (I am pretty sure nothing can actually do that), it does reduce the sensitivity of your teeth and helps strengthen your current enamel.  Even though I don't have any solid evidence proving that this product actually was beneficial, it did give me peace of mind knowing that at least I was trying to keep my teeth as strong as possible in between whitening treatments.  Plus, you get enough of this stuff for FIFTY treatments.  That's less than 20 cents per treatment.  There's really no reason not to try it - I highly recommend adding the remineralization gel onto your order!

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