Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exfoliating with the Exfolimate

A few weeks ago, Exfolimate sent me their Body and Face exfoliator kit in exchange for my unbiased review.  I have this annoying problem with the hairs on the backs of my calves growing beneath the surface of my skin - is this normal?!  I feel if I exfoliated my calves more, maybe it would alleviate the issue - so I was stoked to give this product a try.

Basically, what you get is a stainless steel dull "blade" in between two pieces of plastic to hold onto.  The only difference between the Body and the Face tool are the sizes - the Face being the smaller of the two.

The blade isn't sharp at all, it's actually very smooth.  After warming your skin up in the shower, the directions instruct you to run the blade over your skin in a perpendicular fashion, pressing firmly - just not too hard!  It then tells you to rinse off the Exfolimate, because of possible dead skin that it might have sloughed off.  I'll be honest - I tried my darndest to try and find a single flake of skin on my Exfolimate, but could not.  I probably even pressed a little harder than I should've just trying to get some sort of result.

I went ahead and finished both of my legs.  Then, I realized that they felt absolutely no different.  I love using loofahs or exfoliating body washes / scrubs on my body - and this tool just fell short of all of the other exfoliating options out there.  I didn't feel it removed any of my dead skin and left me feeling quite unclean - I could've easily gotten the same results by running any straight, dull piece of metal or plastic over my skin.

Other reviewers have fallen in love with this product - so it must work for some people!  Sadly, I am not one of those. :(

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