Friday, February 27, 2015

Adeline Anti-Aging Moisturizer & Organic Eye Serum

I've got some pretty exciting news to share.  Remember how I've been looking for a new moisturizer for months?  Well, I think I've found it!  Adeline Beauty sent me their Anti-Aging Moisturizer & Organic Eye Serum in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion, and I have to say - this stuff rocks!

The first thing I noticed when I un-boxed these products is how adorable the bottles are!  I feel all fancy having them sitting on my bathroom countertop.  The first product that I apply each morning after cleansing my face is the Organic Eye Serum.  The instructions warn you that you might feel a slight tingling sensation, but that's just the product doing it's magic!  Personally, there were no tingles for me, just a hydrating, cooling feeling.  This stuff absorbs into my skin almost instantly, leaving my face ready for the next product!

Next comes the Anti-Aging Moisturizer.  Immediately upon applying this moisturizer, I can smell the green tea and peppermint oil in it, which is a refreshing and soothing scent.  This product goes a long ways, so it doesn't take much to cover your entire face and neck.  Afterwards, my skin feels perfectly moisturized - with no oily feeling what-so-ever!  This is the product that I've spent months looking for!!  There's no way I'm passing this one onto my mom.  :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Exfoliating with the Exfolimate

A few weeks ago, Exfolimate sent me their Body and Face exfoliator kit in exchange for my unbiased review.  I have this annoying problem with the hairs on the backs of my calves growing beneath the surface of my skin - is this normal?!  I feel if I exfoliated my calves more, maybe it would alleviate the issue - so I was stoked to give this product a try.

Basically, what you get is a stainless steel dull "blade" in between two pieces of plastic to hold onto.  The only difference between the Body and the Face tool are the sizes - the Face being the smaller of the two.

The blade isn't sharp at all, it's actually very smooth.  After warming your skin up in the shower, the directions instruct you to run the blade over your skin in a perpendicular fashion, pressing firmly - just not too hard!  It then tells you to rinse off the Exfolimate, because of possible dead skin that it might have sloughed off.  I'll be honest - I tried my darndest to try and find a single flake of skin on my Exfolimate, but could not.  I probably even pressed a little harder than I should've just trying to get some sort of result.

I went ahead and finished both of my legs.  Then, I realized that they felt absolutely no different.  I love using loofahs or exfoliating body washes / scrubs on my body - and this tool just fell short of all of the other exfoliating options out there.  I didn't feel it removed any of my dead skin and left me feeling quite unclean - I could've easily gotten the same results by running any straight, dull piece of metal or plastic over my skin.

Other reviewers have fallen in love with this product - so it must work for some people!  Sadly, I am not one of those. :(

Shine Teeth Whitening Zero Peroxide System

I had just gotten done with finishing a testing period for another teeth whitening brand, when I was approached by Smile Whitening to try their teeth whitening kit in exchange for my honest opinion. 

I loved the fact that Shine Whitening sent thermoform trays with the product so that I would have a customized tray to hold the gel that fit my teeth perfectly! The instructions to form the trays were simple and worked perfectly the first time.  I also loved that this is a ZERO PEROXIDE formula!  You don't have to worry about it irritating your gums - or even worse - bleaching your gums white.  I loved the addition of the LED light - I am not sure if it made much difference, but I like to believe it does!

Before & After - 1 Use of Shine Teeth Whitening System
In the end, I compared my before and after photos and I definitely noticed the slightest whitening of my teeth - after a few treatments spaced out over a two week period, there was even more whitening, but my teeth still really lacked the pearly whiteness that the whitening gel that I get from my peroxide formula that my dentist gives me. It's a tough decision - I want instant results, but I know they aren't as healthy for me.  If you do purchase this product, don't expect miracles! I will definitely continue using the Shine Whitening product that I received - but I think I will alternate between Shine Whitening & my dentists to get the most benefit from each!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract PLUS Detox Cleanse

A few weeks back, I posted a review for a Garcinia Cambogia product that claimed to suppress appetites and help users lose weight.  I was extremely disappointed, because not only did it not suppress my appetite - I swear it made me hungrier!  Other reviewers even mentioned the same thing.  That was why, when Team Innovations approached me to try their Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract and Detox Cleanse, I was quite skeptical.
After taking the first Garcinia Cambogia capsule, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that even hours later - I still didn't have any desire to eat!  I wouldn't take these as an unhealthy way to just stop eating altogether, however I am one of those people who eats out of boredom, so this is absolutely fantastic alternative for me.  The Garcinia Cambogia did an excellent job at reducing my unnecessary cravings during the day!

After a few days on the Garcinia Cambogia, I decided to give the Slender Cleanse a try - because realistically, I should've started with that one.  I noticed very similar effects from the Slender Cleanse as I did from the Garcinia Cambogia, however I did run into one issue.  I could take the Slender Cleanse at 10-11 am when I normally start getting some snacktime cravings, but come 6 pm, I still would have absolutely no appetite.  I would force myself to eat a small dinner anyways, because my body obviously needs fuel - which would cause me to get horribly nauseous and cramp up for the rest of the night.  I could understand if this was part of the "cleansing" process, but there was really no end result.  Just a lot of stomach aching.

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the Garcinia Cambogia from them without getting the Slender Cleanse as well - but hopefully others will have better luck with it than I did!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dr Song Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

When someone is approached by Dr Song to receive their professional teeth whitening kit, who would say no?!  I already had whitening trays and gel from my dentist, but I'd love a secondary product to use in between dentist vists when I run out of gel.  I was also really excited to see that it came with an LED light.  I've seen other products that use the LED to speed up the whitening process, but have never had the opportunity to try one out personally.

I also loved the fact that Dr Song sent thermoform trays with the product so that I would have a customized tray to hold the gel that fit my teeth perfectly!  The instructions to form the trays were simple and worked perfectly the first time.  After allowing the trays to cool completely, I then attempted my first whitening treatment.  This product was a little different, in that you actually paint the gel onto the fronts of your teeth with the enclosed tiny paintbrush.  I really believe this reduces the amount of product that gets wasted each treatment vs just squirting it all in the tray and getting most of it behind your teeth (and irritating your gums!)

I attempted to use the LED light, but found it ridiculously uncomfortable.  I ended up sharing half of the product I received with my friend who was looking for a new whitening treatment product, and explained to her how hard of a time I was having with the LED.  She then saw my trays and asked why I didn't cut off the little tab that you use while forming the tray.  Oops :)  That'd explain why the LED light just refused to fit into my mouth!

I've seen other reviewers mention that the gel whitened their gums or increased sensitivity, but I didn't notice either of these.  Also, other users have complained about rabidly foaming at the mouth - as long as you take the time to read the instructions and properly paint the gel on your teeth rather than just squirting gobs of the product all over, you really shouldn't have any problems.

Before & After - 1 Use of Dr. Song's At-Home Kit
In the end, I compared my before and after photos and I definitely noticed the slightest whitening of my teeth - after a few treatments spaced out over a two week period, there was even more whitening, but my teeth still really lacked the pearly whiteness that the whitening gel that I get from my dentist gives me.  If you do purchase this product, don't expect miracles!  I will definitely continue using the Dr Song product that I received - but I think I will alternate between Dr Song & my dentists to get the most benefit from each!

After using my dentist's at-home whitener - so much whiter!
The icing on the cake?  Dr Song also sent me their remineralization gel!  I cringe every time I whiten my teeth, because I know I am slowly stripping layer after layer of enamel off of my teeth - so this remineralization gel is fantastic.  Although it doesn't replace the enamel on your teeth (I am pretty sure nothing can actually do that), it does reduce the sensitivity of your teeth and helps strengthen your current enamel.  Even though I don't have any solid evidence proving that this product actually was beneficial, it did give me peace of mind knowing that at least I was trying to keep my teeth as strong as possible in between whitening treatments.  Plus, you get enough of this stuff for FIFTY treatments.  That's less than 20 cents per treatment.  There's really no reason not to try it - I highly recommend adding the remineralization gel onto your order!

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Mask

Every once in awhile, I go through these phases where I want to cleanse my body of all toxins and start fresh.  I had previously been using another dead sea mud mask, but Adovia offered to send me theirs in exchange for my honest review and I couldn't say no!

The first thing I noticed when receiving this product is that it is in a squeezable tube.  The prior product I had been using was in a tub, and you had to scoop it out with your hand - I really don't like doing this, because I feel I am contaminating the remaining product in the tub each time I put my hand in it.  Squeezing the product out was a MUCH better option!  Also, this stuff is super thick.  Even the thinnest coat over my skin was nearly black - and a little product went a LONG way.

Enjoying Spa Night w/ the little one!
The product itself had a pleasant scent.  Once on the skin, it gave off a slight tingly, cooling feeling - I really liked being able to actually feel it 'working'.  It actually dried quite quickly - by the time I had finished applying it to my entire face, there were parts that were already dried.  When it came time, it washed off with warm water easily, leaving my skin underneath feeling soft and nourished.

It's official - this is my new favorite dead sea mud mask!  I love how thick it is and how well it covers every little bit of my skin.  What's even better is Adovia offers a 100% money back guarantee.  If you have any issues with the product what-so-ever, just let them know and they will send you complete refund!