Thursday, July 21, 2016

Comparing 3 Essential Oil Companies

I was recently approached by two different essential oil companies, Alayna Naturals and Pure Body Naturals, to receive their Top 6 Essential Oils at a discount in exchange for my honest review.  Since the two kits looked almost identical, I thought this was the perfect chance to compare these two companies and really see if they offered the same quality of oils.  Here’s what I found:

Price: Pure Body Naturals is a teeny bit less expensive – but only by about a dollar.  Not much of a difference.

Scent: When essential oils are collected, manufacturers can speed up the collection process by using a combination of high heat and/or high pressure.  Unfortunately, this produces a lower grade of essential oil.  When it comes to oils, “Slow and steady wins the race”.  Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to determine if high heat or pressure was used when comparing Peppermint Oils!  When you smell peppermint oil, you want the oil to be more similar to that of a mint plant than of a candy cane.  A candy cane smell means that either high heat or high pressure (or both!) was used in the process.  Thankfully, both Alayna Naturals and Pure Body Naturals had very herb-y smelling Peppermint Oils.  Side note, our Majestic Pure smelled just like bottled candy canes!

Evaporation: Alayna Naturals claims that these are 100% pure essential oils with no additives, fillers, bases, or carriers added.  Pure Body Naturals doesn’t make any sort of claim on the pureness of their oils – in fact, most of their product description is used to advertise their other products and not the product on the page.  I compared the Peppermint oils for the two companies, plus threw in a 3rd company, Majestic Pure.  I also happened to have a 4 oz bottle of Peppermint oil from Pure Body Naturals, so I thought, “Why not?!”.  They should end up being identical.. right??  Maybe??

For each test, I tried to place one drop onto a white standard sheet of construction paper.  If an essential oil is truly pure, it will eventually evaporate without leaving an oily ring or residue behind.  You can see in the first picture, after just 30 minutes, the Alayna Naturals has already almost fully evaporated, but it has left behind an oily ring with a white residue inside – and wrinkled the paper underneath it.  Essential oils should NOT completely evaporate that quickly!  This outcome alone makes me wonder if I really want to be using the oil on myself, even in a carrier oil!

Evaporation Test of Peppermint Oil. (After 30 minutes, After 24 hours)
The other two essential oils are slowly working, as expected.  After 24 hours, everything has fully evaporated, but the Pure Body Naturals has left the biggest oil residue of them all.  Interestingly enough, the 4 oz Pure Body Naturals hasn’t left any residue?!  There’s definitely some consistency issues going on with this company.

Evaporation Test of Lavender Oil. (After 30 minutes, After 24 hours)
The same tests with Lavender oil had almost the same results – except all 3 brands ended up leaving an oily residue behind.  I’m beginning to wonder if you can truly find a quality essential oil on Amazon L

pH: I’ll be honest, I have no idea if pH even matters when it comes to essential oils.  I tried doing research on it, but all I’ve been able to locate is how you can use essential oils to alter your own pH.  If anyone has any insight on acceptable pH ranges, I’d love to hear from you!  Since we had pH strips, we decided just to see if there was a difference – and there was!  In each case, Pure Body Naturals came up a good .5-.75 more acidic than Alayna Naturals.  In every Pure Body Naturals oil, the pH was less than 5.0.

Packaging: From the outside, these bottles looked identical, so I was surprised to experience so much of a difference when actually using them.  The dropper for Alayna Naturals is really hard control.  Every time I tried to get just one drop out, I ended up spilling the oil all over the paper – and myself.  (So, I apologize for the mess in my photos).  The Alayna Naturals oils just seemed so thin and difficult to manipulate, unlike any other essential oils that I've used in the past.

Density Issues between Tea Tree Oils
Our last test happened purely on accident.  While combing some off the different Tea Tree oils together in a glass vial to make some household cleaner, I noticed that one essential oil was clearly floating on another.  If these are all the same essential oils, their densities should all be pretty comparable, right?  So, I went ahead and filled three clear glass vials halfway with water and gently dropped the essential oil on top.  Pure Body Naturals and Majestic pure worked exactly as expected – the oil stayed on top of the water and did not combine.  Alayna Naturals, however, immediately mixed right in with the water, leaving behind a swirly vortex of chemical-looking trails.

In the end, I strongly have to warn you – DO NOT buy Alayna Naturals!  I still have mixed feelings about the other two companies, between Majestic Pure failing the scent test and the oily residue left behind with all brands on the lavender oil.  I just don't know!  What brand of essential oils do you prefer?  Let me know in the comments - I'd love to put more to the test!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Color Run 5k at Columbus, OH on July 23rd!

Two years ago, I took the plunge to "run" my first 5k - and fell in love.  Let's be honest, I hate running - but there are so many novelty 5k's out there that incorporate so much fun into the event that you don't hate every minute of it!  From bubbles to foam to COLOR, there's so many fun ways to make running actually fun.  The Color Run is probably the best known fun 5k around, and I am excited to share $5 off The Color Run registration with all of my readers - so read on to save on The Color Run tickets!

The Color Run Columbus - 2014
In 2015, The Color Run switched up their 5k a little bit by not only having color stations, but SHINE stations, too!  The Shine stations left runners sparkly and shiny.  Even more exciting, my daughter was able to lead a color throw alongside of the DJ at the after party.  We had a blast!

The Color Run Columbus - 2015

I cannot wait to see what The Color Run has in store for us on July 23rd, 2016 - and I hope to see you all there!

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