Tuesday, December 24, 2013

OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter plus Color Safe Brightener

I was graciously chosen by Smiley360 to try the latest from the trusted line of OxiClean stain removers - the OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter plus Color Safe Brightener.  Now, the OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter is an additive to your laundry routine - it doesn't replace your laundry detergent!  You just pour it onto your stains, like you would pre-treat with any other brands.

I received this product just in time, as I like to clean my make-up brushes off on my white bath towels without thinking.. (I really need to get a darker colored towel in my bathroom specifically for my make-up brushes!)

I wanted to see how well OxiClean worked on old stains, so I threw in a pair of some very old white sweatpants, whose bottoms were completely brown from always walking on them.

I finished up my load by throwing in some other dirty clothes - including some cleaning rags that cleaned up a little too much dust.

 And then I waited... and when the washer told me they were done, I put the clothes in the dryer and waited some more...

Finally, it was time to see how well OxiClean 2in1 Stain Fighter really worked!

All of the foundation, and powder, and blush.. was completely gone!  My rags came out white!

My sweatpants were cleaner!  Now, there are years and years worth of dirt stained into these pants - I didn't expect to see any difference, but wow!

My stains came out - even old ones!
My whites honestly looked brighter than they normally do.
Even if you don't have a specific stain, you can still add it right into your detergent for extra stain fighting, color boosting power!

It was hard and awkward to apply directly to the stain.  You have to attempt to drizzle it out onto your clothing out of a large jug.  I like how other brands come in spray bottles or rolls for easy application.  Because of this, I feel like I wasted unnecessary product trying to pour it in a small area, but having it spread everywhere else, instead.

I am so grateful that Smiley selected me to try this product and share my experiences.  It really is a great laundry additive to get out your stains!  Best of all, right now OxiClean has a $1 coupon available.

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Airborne Gummies Immune System Support

I was graciously chosen by Smiley360 to try the awesome flavored immune system support from the trusted line of Airborne, just in time for cold season!  There are three different types of immune system support that they offer - gummies, chewables, or effervescence (a powder that you pour into a drink).  I was selected to try the gummies and was ecstatic - that's definitely the kind I would purchase in the store!

Click here for more information on Airborne Immune Support - http://smiley360.com/2504041.cfm

Sadly, my cold season came a little early this year - and by the time my complimentary sample arrived, I was already halfway through my sickness.  I continued to take them, anyways - because I figured my immune system needed any additional boost it could get!

The specially crafted ingredients and great tasting flavor gives your awesome immune system the support it needs to make sure it can continue working hard for you to keep you at your best.  The gummies came in three different flavors - citrus, grapefruit, and berry - all of which were very yummy!

I can safely say that I am 100% over my sickness, finally!  And who knows how much longer it may have lasted had I not been taking the Airborne gummies! (This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.)

Great Flavor
Easy to Take
Best of all, there's currently a $1 coupon available.

You take 3 gummies, 3 times a day.  That ends up being a lot of gummies.
Only 21 gummies come in a bottle, which means 1 bottle will only last you 3 days.  I had the silly cold that everyone seems to be getting that took 2 1/2 weeks to finally go away.  That would have been a lot of bottles had I kept buying them!

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