Thursday, October 30, 2014

Leather Nova Cleaner, Conditioner & Restorer Review

I was selected by Leather Nova to try their Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner & Restorer, AND Leather Conditioner & Cleaner.  I was so thankful to be chosen to review these products, because I never have really put much attention into my leather sofa and ottoman and I feel it shows.  When I got my furniture about 3 years ago, it came with a free little bottle of leather cleaner (that looks and smells like water) and that's all I've ever used to clean - and I've never conditioned them.  I knew my couch was in much need of some cleaning and conditioning!

When my package arrived, I was excited to see that each product comes with it's own applicator.  Since I received two different cleaning options, I decided to use the Cleaner followed by the Conditioner & Restorer on my couch and then just use the Conditioner & Cleaner on my ottoman.  This way, I would be able to compare the two processes and see if the 2-in-1 is just as good as the two step option.

Although my couch didn't have any specific stains that I was trying to remove, I was sure it could benefit from an all-over cleaning.  My first surprise was that you spray the cleaner directly onto the leather surface - in my past experience, the cleaner is always applied to your applicator first.  I went ahead and sprayed the entire couch generously with cleaner, and then used the provided microfiber towel to massage the cleaner into the leather to loosen any dirt.  After that was done, I went back with another dry cloth to wipe away any dirt and oil that was lifted to the surface.  My clean, white towel definitely came away with some dark marks from what was removed!

A freshly cleaned couch!
I allowed my couch to dry for awhile (while I tried the other product out on my ottoman), and then came back to finish up with the Conditioner & Restorer.  Surprise #2 came when I read the directions that stated, "You may also use your hand [to apply]"... This stuff is greasy, oily, and goopy.  There was no way I was putting it directly onto my hands!  However, it was nice to know that I had that option.

Like I mentioned before, I've never used any type of conditioner on my couch before - and boy, I think it needed it.  The leather just sucked this stuff up like crazy, I had to keep re-applying the product to the applicator every few inches, as it would go dry that quickly.  The good news is, after the entire couch was done, I only had used about 1/4 of the bottle - I assumed over half would be gone!

Wet and oily - but hopefully conditioned!
 Once all of the conditioner was applied, the couch was incredibly oily and wet looking.  The directions say to leave it sit for 1 hour, so I went back to working on my ottoman.  After the hour was up, I used a dry cloth to buff the entire surface of the couch - and wow, what a difference!

Before & After - Using Leather Nova Cleaner, Conditioner & Restorer
The couch officially looked cleaner and shinier!  It felt incredibly soft to the touch - something I continue to notice every time I sit on it.  The entire process took about 2 hours including drying time, but it's obvious that the products work!

It was then time to check out my ottoman...

Now, my ottoman did have a couple stains on it where it appears someone took a marker (wonder who could've done that?) plus, some leftover frosting or another food-like substance.  After applying the formula to the applicator pad and rubbing it thoroughly into the leather, I immediately noticed that some of the stains were lifted.

Stains - Before & After using Leather Nova Conditioner & Cleaner
I allowed the entire ottoman to dry for about 40 minutes, and then used a dry cloth to buff the surface.

Before & After using Leather Nova Conditioner & Cleaner
While the Before & After pictures for the Conditioner & Cleaner aren't as extreme as the 2-step process, I still noticed a difference in the shininess and softness of my ottoman - plus, this process took me less than half of the amount of time.

In the end, I was impressed with all of the products that I received - and I feel they all worked as claimed.  In the future, I will probably use the Conditioner & Cleaner when I need to quickly clean the furniture, as it doesn't take as long.  For dirtier situations, or for a more impressive result, I will definitely use the Leather Cleaner / Conditioner & Restorer Combo.  I plan on reapplying this to all of my leather furniture in another month or so to keep it all protected.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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