Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Garcinia Cambogia Appetite Suppressant Supplement

When Summit Nutritions offered to send me their Garcinia Cambogia supplement in exchange for reviewing it, I was super excited!   This product claims to block fat and suppress your appetite to help you with your diet and exercise regimen.  I was even more excited upon receiving the product, to see that they threw in a bottle of their Raspberry Ketones, too!  Raspberry Ketones claim to be a "miracle fat burner" - and although I haven't gotten to try them out yet due to wanting to get a solid opinion of the Garcinia Cambogia, I can't wait to be done with the first bottle and get started on the second!

First off, the products do not look like they are pictured - the pills are all white, not colored as they are in the photo.  The Raspberry Ketones also come in a white bottle, and the label appears as if it was affixed by a monkey - not to mention they expire in March.  (Maybe that's why they were sent free of charge?)   I realize those are petty observations, I just wanted to get them out of the way.

Onto the important stuff!  Summit Nutritions' Garcinia Cambogia is All Natural, GMO & Gluten Free.  The directions say to take 1 capsule with 6 oz of water twice daily, approx 30 minutes before meals.  This is supposed to help block any fats you ingest and suppress your appetite so that you eat less.  In my line of work, I really don't have time to stop and eat a lunch so I love having the ability to take an appetite suppressant, eat a quick meal replacement bar, and be back to work within 5 minutes.  Sadly, when I did that with this supplement, I was STARVING within an hour.  Quite honestly, I was probably more hungry than I would have been normally  - and I've since seen many other reviewers say they also feel the supplement had the opposite effect on them.  Also, this is one of those pills that you can feel something stuck in your throat well after swallowing, which I find annoying.

I don't believe this product is for everyone.  It's definitely not a miracle pill, but Summit Nutritions doesn't advertise it as one, either.  I have an issue with self control when it comes to food, and this product just seemed to make those cravings even harder to resist.

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