Friday, June 19, 2015

wojoCALM Review and GIVEAWAY!

Life around our household can get a little hectic at times.  As a fellow parent, I'm sure you understand  how crazy it can get juggling school, sports, work, household chores, and more - so when Wojo Nutrition introduced me to their new wojoCALM liquid dietary supplements, it definitely caught my attention!  Every pack of wojoCALM contains 5 cute little plastic vials, each containing just 0.04 fl oz of a potent calming elixir.  Wojo Nutrition claims that these supplements contain a specialized formula to support non-drowsy mental and physical relaxation.  Sounds pretty perfect, right?!
The recommended use says to squeeze a vial into a beverage and drink - but Wojo also suggests just taking the vial straight.  I tried this, however, and was not at all pleased with the taste!  I could only stomach a few drops and had to quickly squeeze the rest into my glass.  Mixed with a drink, however, it was much more tolerable.  Immediately, I truly felt a sort of weight lifted off of my shoulders.  While it didn't instantly make all problems disappear, I felt more at ease.  This calmness seemed to wear off pretty quickly, however - I was back to my normal, frazzled self after just a few minutes.

I was curious about what made wojoCALM work, so I looked up the main ingredients.  Turns out, L-Thenine is an amino acid found naturally occurring in tea.  It has been linked to non-drowsy relaxation, anti-anxiety, and even has a preventative role in cancer!  For just $6.49 per pack, I definitely feel that wojoCALM gives us moms that little break that we desperately need from time to time.  If you'd like to check it out, feel free to browse Wojo Nutrition's website at

Want to try wojoCALM for yourself?  Just leave a comment below with the one thing you do to unwind after a crazy day!  I'll choose a winner to receive a pack of wojoCALM for free from the company!

(I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.)

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  1. I like to take 5 minutes to myself to unwind after a busy crazy day!