Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Safe Skins Spiral Slicer + Recipe eBook

In the past few months, I've made some drastic changes with the foods that I prepare and eat - and I've seen great results!  I've seen others use zucchini noodles, or "zoodles", in the their recipes and have always wanted to give them a try, so when Kitopia approached me to try out their Safe Skins Spiral Slicer in exchange for my honest feedback, my dreams came true!  First of all, when you purchase a Spiral Slicer from Kitopia, you not only get the slicer, but a cute little brush to keep it clean with (that I've also been using on my Camelbak spouts), a Safe Skins bag to keep the slicer in to avoid any sharp edges, and an eBook full of 40 recipe ideas!

Let's start out with these zoodles.  Replacing your ordinary boxed pasta with zucchini noodles not only cuts down on the amount of calories and carbs, but it gives your body all kinds of additional nutrients!  I regularly struggle with getting enough vegetables in my diet, but I love pasta - if I could combine the two, I'd be set!

Kitopia suggests using fresh, firm vegetables for the best results.  Admittedly, my zucchini was questionably old, but it still held up fantastically!  The spiral slicer was easy and fun to use - I didn't want to stop!  After spiraling two whole zucchinis, I then mixed together some tomato sauce with Tastefully Simple's Mama Mia Marinara Sauce Mix (YUMMY!),

At this point, I realized that not only is using the spiral slicer to make pasta healthier - it saves so much time!  My entire meal was prepped in under 5 minutes.

So now, the verdict.  I honestly didn't care for zoodles too much.  I tried microwaving it for a bit, hoping that maybe heating them would help, and I really do think it did - but I still couldn't finish my plate.  That said, I still love this product and cannot wait to try out some of the recipes from their eBook.  I can definitely see myself using this to make fancy carrots and vegetables to top salads and more!

The Spiral Slicer Value Pack is available on Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KQXDIG4.  Even if you don't purchase it personally, I recommend you add this to your Wish List and maybe someone else will surprise you with it!

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