Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Printies - Amazing Gift Idea

I was looking for the perfect gift for Jase for Christmas - there's tons of stuff that he says he wants, but he already has a few hundred giraffes, so I wanted to get him something else.  Then, Make & Takes hosted a giveaway for My Printies.  I didn't even wait for the giveaway to be over, I went out and instantly ordered it for Jase.  My Printies is this amazing kit that makes your kid able to create their own stuffed animals, with very little adult help.

The software on the program was pretty buggy for us, so I had to do the computer part of it, and make sure the paper was inserted the correct way in the printer - but this paper is so cool!  It's actually the fabric part of the stuffed animal, all pre-sewn, so there is absolutely no sewing involved in making these stuffed animals!  Once you design your pet on the computer, you print it out and let it dry (by the way - it says for 5 minutes, but our handles turned completely blue from the hippo after it had been sitting there for about 10 minutes, so you might want to wait a half an hour or so - but who can wait that long when they're so excited to stuff their own stuffed animal?!)

After it's dry, it's time to stuff!  The kit comes with pre-measured stuffing for each animal, along with a stuffing tool to make sure you can get it into the tips of the ears, arms, etc...

(That would be the hippo that turned us all blue.)

Once you're finished, you just snap on the feet and that seals it up!  Now, we had quite a bit of problems with the feet - they say to make sure there's enough stuffing in them so that they don't slide off, but no matter how much stuffing we put near the bottom, the feet kept coming off, so we decided they would just have to be glued on.

For $19.99, Jase got to design and create 6 different stuffed animals.  (He even made a little safari guy with his own face on it!)  In my opinion, that's not a bad price at all.  He absolutely loved it and kept asking to make more.  You can get a refill kit that makes 3 more pets for $12.99, but honestly, it's a better deal to just keep buying the starter kits, in my opinion.

Here he is, stuffing his baby lion.  I could have sworn I took a picture of all his completed stuffed animals, but I can't find it right now!

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