Sunday, November 8, 2009

Introduction & Unclaimed Funds

I've decided to start my own blog for myself dealing with non-children related things that I want to share.  I think it'll focus mainly on crafts, cooking, and ways to save and earn money that I come across.  Any ideas, suggestions, or comments are greatly appreciated and hopefully I can inspire all of you who read this!

To start off, I recently was looking information on finding a forgotten bank account.  I came across this website, and even though it didn't help me in my search, I searched for some other people who I know and found unclaimed funds for 4 different people!  One was a couple who cancelled an insurance policy and never received their refund, another was for Kirsten's aunt, who had a misplaced paycheck that never got cashed!  Other things include forgotten bank accounts, misplaced savings bonds, and more!  It's worth a shot to just go and start typing in names of family members to see if you can surprise anyone with their own unclaimed funds!

The site is and it's totally free - they are just there to help you!

PS - Did you know that there is currently $23 billion worth of unclaimed funds in the United States?  That's crazy!

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